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Safeguarding Review Group continues to work during COVID-19
Friday 24 April 2020

The Independent Review Group (IRG), set up by the Bishops’ Conference of Scotland and chaired by Baroness Helen Liddell, to monitor the implementation of the McLellan Commission on safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults has issued an update advising that it will continue to work throughout the COVID-19 emergency to independently audit safeguarding standards in the Catholic Church in Scotland.

In the update, the IRG points out that “safeguarding is even more important during   the lockdown” and points out that representatives of the IRG “have been welcomed at the Diocesan Safeguarding Advisory Group meetings in 6 Dioceses with the final 2 in planning.”

The update also advises that a Memorandum of Understanding has been agreed with Bishops Conference, which will guide the process and shared oversight of future audits.

The IRG conclude, that they “never lose sight of the importance of independence” and recognise “the driving commitment of many in the Church to ensure that the vulnerable among us are protected and shielded with love and compassion.”

The full text of the IRG update can be viewed here: